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Sofia Talks Episode 3 Show Notes, A Convo with Brooklyn and Nick, Teen Sensations!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

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This is not a word-for-word transcribing, some errors may have been made.

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Sofia-I'm introducing my two teen friends, Brooklyn and Nick, well, one is my son, and thank you for being on my show! Say hello.

Brooklyn and Nick-Hello!

Sofia-My show is all things fantasy, but we'll be talking about things all over the board. But please tell me what your favorite fantasy story is.

Brooklyn-Mine would probably be The Hunger Games.

Nick-Harry Potter

Sofia-Not Avatar? I'm surprised.

Nick-Or Caillou.

Sofia-Well, you did used to be a huge fan of Avatar too. Not the blue people but the cartoon.

Brooklyn-He had a Halloween costume for Avagtar.

Sofia-Change of subject. Had to ask that because this show is all things fantasy. What is your favorite movie? Right now?

Nick-Rocky, Rocky IV final answer. Or Black Phone.

Sofia-Is that in movies right now?

Nick-I'm not sure.

Brooklyn-Legally Blonde or Clueless

Sofia-Did you know that one of them is based on Pride and Prejudice? I think, not sure. (Have since learned Clueless is loosely based on Emma, another Jane Austen novel, not Pride and Prejudice.)

Brooklyn-No, I didn't know that.

Nick-Can we get off the subject of Pride and Prejudice because otherwise we'll be here all day.

Sofia-Tell me about your favorite person. Who is your favorite person?

Nick-I'm going to say sorry to everyone out there, some people will be upset by my answer, but my answer is my mother.

Sofia-Awe!! Touched my heart!

Brooklyn-I was going to say my mom too.

Sofia-As your mom is a good friend of mine, I can totally see that. What does she do that impresses you?

Brooklyn-She always puts people before herself, like today is a good example. She woke up really early to drive two or three hours to help people. She's always doing stuff like that, helping family and people whenever she can. I really admire that about her.

Sofia-So, you had already told me she's going down to help the hurricane victims and bringing a bunch of stuff down.

Brooklyn-Yes, ma'am.

Sofia-That's awesome. Nick?

Nick-She just, she just goes the extra mile I would say.

Sofia-And by "she" you mean me?

Nick-Yeah. I was just talking second person. She just does everything she can to help everyone.

Sofia-I'm blushing if you can't see it, which you can't since this is a podcast. But I'm definitely blushing. Ok, do you ever try to emulate her?

Brooklyn-Does that mean be like them?

Nick-Big words.

Brooklyn-I just wanted to make sure.

Sofia-Sorry I should have said.

Brooklyn-I try to, I wouldn't say I do it as well as her. But if an opportunity comes up where I put others before myself, I try to to help them out. If possible.

Sofia-She definitely does that. I completely agree with you. That's so sweet.

Nick-Well, she's my mother, so I definitely try to be like how she is.

Sofia-Well, it's a little different because I'm female and you're male.

Nick-I just try to be like her.

Sofia-Thank you! On to a different subject. Brooklyn, since you work at Starbucks this will be an easy question for you.

Brooklyn-Oh yea!

Sofia-What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Brooklyn-Mine is an iced caramel macchiato, but it only comes with vanilla syrup, so I add caramel syrup as well.

Nick-I don't remember exactly what it's called...

Brooklyn-Strawberry Acai.

Nick-Yes. Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher, with the lemonade but no strawberries because the strawberries get mushy and gross.

Brooklyn-Don't you sometimes get apple juice too?

Nick-Yes, apple juice is the second option.


Nick-I didn't know that Starbucks had apple juice, but now I do.

Brooklyn-Sometimes I'm with friends and I don't feel like ordering coffee, I'll get a cup of apple juice and it's so good.

Sofia-Like, you can get apple juice in a cup? Wow!

Nick-I have a bigger question: apple juice or orange juice?

Brooklyn-Apple juice.

Sofia-Apple juice. But yours is definitely orange juice.

Nick-No, it's apple juice, but it's tough, really tough.

Sofia-Really? I literally buy orange juice just for you. You're the only person in this house who drinks it.

Nick-Well, in the morning, if I hadn't had breakfast, I'll have a nice cup of OJ. And no pulp, pulp is disgusting.

Sofia-I love the pulp! I love crunching on the pulp, it's so good! It's like a second breakfast!

Nick-It's like drinking water and there's bugs in my drink! That's what it's like.

Sofia-I think I remember you commenting one time that pulp are like having boogers in your drink.

Nick-I still stand by that answer. I'd still go with apple juice. Apple juice is good any day of the week.

Sofia-I'm going to fire questions at you, just tell me your answers off the top of your head. Which show is better? Stranger Things or Obi-Wan Kanobi?

Brooklyn-Stranger Things

Nick-Obi-Wan Kanobi

Sofia-Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars?

Brooklyn-Taylor Swift

Nick-Bruno Mars. Hate Taylor Swift

Brooklyn- You only say that because...

Nick-Yeah, I did, because I have two Taylor Swift fan girls sitting next to me.

Brooklyn-You're a Taylor Swift fan girl?

Sofia-Oh yeah! It's the only concert I want to go to!

Nick-Ok, next question.

Sofia-Ok, convertible or topless Jeep?



Sofia-Really! Nick, I'm shocked, totally shocked. You have begged me to buy you a Jeep.

Nick-Uh, Dad, please let that happen.

Sofia-IHOP pancakes or Waffle House Waffles?

Nick-IHOP pancakes

Brooklyn-IHOP pancakes.

Nick-If it's late at night and nothing else is open then yes, the chocolate chip waffles are the best. But, if it's in the morning, IHOP pancakes all the way.

Sofia-Just to be curious, chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP too?


Brooklyn-Ooo, yeah, they are so good. Or the birthday cake pancakes? Have you had the birthday pancakes? With whipped cream and sprinkles, so good.

Nick-Birthday pancakes are gooood.

Sofia-They had a Minion pancake too, didn't they?

Brooklyn-We dressed up!

Nick-CinnaMinions was great!

Brooklyn-Cold Grew coffee was great too, so good.

Sofia- That's awesome. Do you know who David Bowe is?


Brooklyn-No. I know the name, but I couldn't tell you who he is or what he does.

Sofia-Music or lyrics?



Sofia-Totally agree with you Brooklyn. Who is the best rapper you know?

Brooklyn-Nicki Minaj!

Nick-Oh my gosh! There's no way you just said that on this podcast. 21 Savage or Kodak (Kodak Black) or Rod Wave.

Brooklyn-21 is better.

Sofia-This is related to music or lyrics. What is the best story in a song for you Brooklyn?

Brooklyn-All Too Well 10-minute version (by Taylor Swift).

Nick-I just knew that answer was going to be...

Sofia-When that album came out, I had Nicholas call you to ask you which song was the best song on the album.

Brooklyn-I remember that. I was leaving school when that happened. I remember that.

Sofia-The shorter version, I wasn't into it, but then you told me there was a 10-minute version. And it says so much more! And who was that about again? Jake...


Sofia-So that was her (Taylor Swift) love, her first love and then he broke up with her because she was too young.

Nick-Does this have a point? A valid reason?

Sofia-(ignoring Nick) And then, Nick, so you know what we're talking about: the song goes on to say, you broke up with me because I'm too young, yet you are dating other twenty-year-olds.

Brooklyn-(quoting song) "I get older, but your lovers stay my age."

Nick-That's crazy. I have to say, one of my favorite lines from a song, I appreciate Michael McComas for showing me this, showing me this lyric from a song, by Rod Wave, called, No Deal.

Sofia-What is the line?

Nick-I do not know, but if Mike McComas were here...

Brooklyn-I thought you were getting ready to tell us the line.

Sofia-What is the song?

Nick-No Deal by Rod Wave.

Sofia-You said, Nicholas, music was better than lyrics, so what's your favorite song?

Nick-My favorite song right now?

Sofia-Now, I know there's different songs for the mood of the day. Sometimes you need a song to work out...

Nick-I'll go one by one. Workout, I don't know why I've been getting into these kinds of music, it used to be Rocky IV, from watching the movies a lot as a kid. But now, it's Tek It Hardstyle. My favorite song right now is, All Your'n (by Tyler Childers).

Brooklyn-That's such a good one!

Nick-Also, thank you Mike McComas for getting me into country music.

Brooklyn-Every morning last year when you would get in my car, I would play that song.

Sofia-I just want to say for the record, Nick hates country (music). For him to name a country song is shocking.

Nick-Just hanging around Brooks and Mike too much.

Brooklyn-I always play country Ms. Sofia, but I never get any credit for it. And you (Nick) would always say, "Turn that off! That's awful!"

Sofia-So she really introduced you to this song, because she said she'd always have that song on when you got in her car.

Brooklyn-Uh huh!

Nick-I mean, I feel like it was inspired by Mike. I feel like Mike found the song.

Brooklyn-Yeah, uh huh!

Nick-No way are you going to come here on this podcast and tell me you introduced Mike to All Your'n.

Brooklyn-I didn't say I introduced it to him, but no one introduced it to me either though. You're acting like Tyler Childers is underground.

Nick-He's not.

Brooklyn-Exactly, so a lot of people knew this song. Love you Mike though if you're listening to this.

Nick-Love you so much.

Sofia-For the purpose of my listeners hearing this podcast Nick and Brooklyn have known each other since they were really little.

Brooklyn-6th grade.

Nick-Mr. Winters' class.

Sofia-No, Summer Regionals with our work.

Brooklyn-It was real for me!

Nick-We would text and say we should hang out at Summer Regional, but it wasn't till the most recent Summer Regional when we actually hung out.

Brooklyn-We also had to miss three years of it, so it's not valid.

Sofia-What I mean by Summer Regional, is there's a summer trip that her dad works for Edward Jones, my husband (Nick's dad) works for Edward Jones...

Nick-Thank you Gary, thank you Matt.

Brooklyn-We appreciate ya'll.

Sofia-And every summer we get to go on a trip and the kids would see each other again over the summer. They have known each other for a pretty long time.

Brooklyn-I remember in sixth grade, I met you for the first time technically, because you were walking with Josh and I was walking with Macy. We had no idea who each other was and we randomly got on the subject and then we realized our dads worked together. And it was so funny to meet this kid and know our dads worked together. It was so weird, I remember that.

Sofia-You don't remember him from Summer Regionals in the past?

Brooklyn-Not before 6th grade.

Sofia-Ok, well, I retract my statement then.

Nick-I don't want to think of my sixth grade years. That was a bad time for me.

Brooklyn-Me either.

Sofia-So sixth grade years were a bad time. But now you both are in 11th grade. I'm hearing everyone misses you at GJ.

Brooklyn-I like to think so.

Nick-What a response! You could have said, "I miss them too."

Brooklyn-I do miss them too!

Nick-You say, "I hope so." (she actually said, "I like to think so.")

Brooklyn-You better miss me!

Sofia-So, the only homework I gave Brooklyn and Nick...I probably should have pre-given you some of the questions I've asked you, but I didn't...this is a learning curve. I'm learning as I go. But the one question I did give you was, tell me one fun fact about yourself.

Now, I'll start because I already have some written down, but I also have more than one fun fact. So, you can have more than one, is what I'm trying to say, if you couldn't come up with just one.

One fun fact: I've never watched The Masked Singer. Do you even know that show?

Brooklyn-I do. I've seen a little bit of it.

Sofia-And I'm interested in it because it seems interesting, but I've never seen an episode.

Sofia-I've taped 188 episodes of Pawn Stars. Do you know that show?

Nick-It's a little obsessive. What about American Pickers? Sofia-No! I like Pawn Stars better. I'm sorry American Pickers if you're listening.

Nick-Rest in Peace to the old guy in American Pickers. (wrong show)

Brooklyn-He died?

Sofia-No! Pawn Stars the old guy died, the grandfather. Nicholas, get it right! In fact, I was so obsessed with Pawn Stars, I was begging my husband to take me to Las Vegas to visit their pawn shop.

Brooklyn-Oh my gosh.

Sofia-Ok, my favorite actor is Tom Holland. Shut up, Nicholas.

Nick-I'm telling my father.

Sofia-And my favorite actress is an older actress, Vivien Leigh, who is passed away, I don't think she's even alive anymore (she died in 1967). She was the main actress in Gone With the Wind, if you've heard of that movie. It was a four-hour epic movie.

Nick-It's not that good. Sofia-It is so good! Don't even talk badly about my Gone With the Wind!

Sofia-Ok, favorite celebrity couple is Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Nick-They're broken up. (The rumors are all over the place on whether they have actually broken up or ever even been together)

Sofia-I was going to say, even though they're broken up, they were my favorite couple.

mNick-Why because it's Tom Holland?

Sofia-Because it was like they were in the movie together and it was like you were invested in them! And they were so cute! He's so cute! I just want to squeeze his little cheeks!

Nick-Next subject. Which cheeks?

Sofia-No! Nicholas you are going first. Fun fact about yourself.

Nick-My favorite Minion is Kevin.

Brooklyn-That's a good one.

Nick-And I play golf.

Sofia-He not only plays golf, he plays golf really well.


Sofia-Maybe not right this second, but you are very, very good.

Nick-Ok, Brooklyn, you can go.

Sofia-This is a sore subject for him. Ok, Brooklyn, your turn.

Brooklyn-Ok, I work at Starbucks, that's a fun fact about myself. And my favorite celebrity and artist is Taylor Swift. Oh, and I stayed up till 5 am last night so I could see her release off her track titles. She did Mayhem Till the Morning last night, so every hour she released a new song. And guess what the last one she released has? Lana Del Rey's featured on it.

Sofia-Ok, you're going to have to tell me who that is. I don't know who that is.



Sofia-Who is that?

Brooklyn-She's my second favorite artist.

Sofia-I'm going to have to look her up. (I have since heard the song, and it's a little sensual, which some of Taylor Swift's songs are, but it's good)

Nicholas introduced me to this one song, which I had him play a million times and I still love this song, called Puppy Princess (Hot Freaks).

Brooklyn-Who is that by?

Sofia-I don't even know.

Brooklyn-I've never heard of Puppy Princess.

Nick-I'll play it.

Sofia-Puppy Princess is so good! Talk about a story in a song!

Nick-I just want to say that song was my number one played song on my Spotify because of my mother.

Song plays.

Brooklyn-I do know this song.

Sofia-Ok, we have to sing it. (singing) Kiss me! Kiss me with my eyes closed.

Nick-Ok, that's enough of that.

Brooklyn-That song is good. I didn't know the name until I heard that part.

Sofia-I was like in love with that song, I still like that song. But I completely agree, Taylor Swift is a wonderful artist and the fact that she writes all of her own songs. is so amazing to me.


Nick-There's no way that's true. She definitely has people writing for her.

Sofia-No, she doesn't. She definitely writes her own songs. (I have since confirmed she is a writer on all of her nine albums).

Nick-She's not that good.

Sofia-So, I'm curious about something. Is your age group even interested in the royal family in England?

Nick-Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth.

Brooklyn-Yes, RIP. I think it's interesting that they have a queen, but no, I don't know much about the family.

Sofia-So, it's not on your radar.

Nick-Not at all.

Sofia-I'm going to finish up our conversation with a question. Because I'm an author. What is your favorite book you've read?

Brooklyn-I was actually prepared, I thought you'd ask this question. But I didn't think of one.

Nick-You want me to go?


Nick-My favorite book is a book I was read in third grade. And it's not, My Little Tree House (Magic Tree House) It is Hatchet.

Sofia-By Gary Paulson.

Nick-It is amazing. Love that book.

Brooklyn-I think I read that actually.

Nick-Tried to get into Harry Potter, didn't really work out.

Sofia-Now, Brooklyn, you do read, right? You read quite a bit. Maybe not your all-time favorite book then. What's the most recent book you've read?

Brooklyn-Oh, I just read one that was really good, it's called, You Will be Mine (by Natasha Preston) It's about a college dorm and there were like six people who lived in a little room and they started getting this note targeting this one person in it and they would show up dead. And then the main character found out it was her brother doing it the whole time.

Sofia-Spoiler alert!

Brooklyn-Sorry! He wanted to prove to her she still needed him. She moved off to college and he wanted her to realize that she still needs her brother to protect her.

Sofia-So he started killing people?

Brooklyn-So he killed a bunch of people trying to see if she would call him, saying, "I need you here."

Sofia-Did she ever call him?

Brooklyn-(shakes her head, no) I don't remember what happened at the end, ended up good though. So, spoiler alert, sorry.

Sofia-What's the name of this book?

Brooklyn-You Will be Mine by Natasha (Preston)

Sofia-Ok, and Nick has not picked up a book since the third grade obviously. No, no that's not true, you did pick up a Harry Potter book.

Nick-Yea, a little bit.

Sofia-You liked it, but it wasn't your favorite.

Nick-It was ok. Movies are better than books.

Sofia-Ok, this is not going to go down...

Brooklyn-She's an author.

Sofia-I can't agree with you. Now, some movies are better than the book. for instance, The Notebook. Did you ever see the movie?

Brooklyn-I've never read the book, but I've seen the movie.

Sofia-I'm just telling you right now, the movie is better than the book.

Brooklyn-Really? That's crazy.

Sofia-Yes, 100%. I did not care for the book at all. I didn't care for the way he wrote it. The way he set it up and everything. It just didn't flow like the movie did.

Sofia-So, thank you so much my beautiful teenage friends for coming on my show.

Brooklyn-Thank you for having us.

Sofia-And my son, Nicholas, and his buddy, Brooklyn, and I definitely appreciate you guys coming on. And for sharing your thoughts and dreams and aspirations. Just kidding! No, all your thoughts on books and movies and songs. It was fun, I had a really good time. And I hope you, my listener, did too. I appreciate you listening to the show. Until next time.


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