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Sofia Talks Episode 6 Brooks and Chelsea Show Notes!

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This interview is not transcribed word for word.

Two teens, Brooks and Chelsea give me a lively account of some of their favorites...books, movies, and more! A fun Christmas Movie Quiz also stumps them, and we have fun with that one little quiz.

First question for them is who is the most influential person in their life? Not like a singer or artist, but someone they know?

Chelsea-Her dad, has helped her through a lot in her life in hardships and taught her a lot about life.

Brooks-His mom and dad both, but in different ways. His dad helps him in realistic ways where his mom is more caring and takes care of him emotionally.

Sofia says they will fall back on those qualities when they choose their spouses one day.

Her brother raised her in high school and when she looked for qualities she wanted in a husband the first person she thought of was her brother.

Sofia: What is the best book you have ever read? Can be from your childhood.

Chelsea-Hopeless from Colleen Hoover. Liked all the plot twists and unexpected story. She's read a few of her books, some of them suspenseful, but most are full of plot holes. Hopeless is about a book of a homeschooled girl who finds out all kinds of secrets about her mom and family and past. There's a romance between her and a boy from high school.

Sofia-I thought Colleen Hoover wrote books for adults, but this sounds like it's a teen or young adult book.

Chelsea-Yes, it's about a teen girl.

Sofia-Ok, Brooks it's your turn.

Brooks-My favorite book is Unbroken (by Laura Hillenbrand), which is realistic. An unrealistic book that's a story are the Magic Tree House books.

Sofia-You've told me you don't like books, so I expected a children's book, so the Unbroken answer surprised me.

(Unbroken is about a US pilot and track star who went down in the ocean surviving the crash and nearly dying on his own while on a raft, when he's rescued, not be US or an allied of the US, but by a Japanese boat. They sent him to a POW camp where he was tortured and mistreated before Japan let them go when they surrendered.)

Brooks liked the fact that this man, even though under extreme torture never broke his spirit, which is why the book is called, Unbroken. That he kept his faith in God and his resilience throughout the entire ordeal. Likes the movie better because of the images and storytelling.

Sofia loves books about resilience and fighting to stay alive or attain her/his goal.

Sofia-What is your favorite fantasy movie?

Chelsea-Tangled is my favorite fantasy movie. I like all the Harry Potter movies. Star Wars, even though it's science fiction, there's fantasy aspects to it. are my favorite movies. I've watched all of them multiple times. My parents love them and watching them, so I grew up watching them.

Sofia-Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Chelsea-Anakin before he was Darth Vador and Padame.

Sofia-If you think about it, it was kind of creepy that Padame ended up with Anakin. Because she watched him grow up. But then they didn't see eath other for a long time and he had grown up next time she saw him. Brooks, have you seen these movies?

Brooks-I've seen one. I only know that one of the girls was very good looking.

Sofia-The one in the bra thingy?


Chelsea-That one was probably Return of the Jedi maybe, they were in the desert.

Sofia-Brooks, we need to introduce you to the Star Wars universe.

Brooks-I played the game and beat it. Lego Star Wars. I remember the red-=faced guy and Darth Vador but that's about it. I was young and played the Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars.

Sofia-What fantasy movies have you watched Brooks?

Brooks-Nick said these were fantasy, but the Halloween movies.

Sofia-I don't know if those are fantasy.

Brooks-It's supposed to be real. But there's aspects to it that's not real.

Sofia-I can't watch horror movies. I watched a Dateline about a murder that kept me up with nightmares.

Sofia-You like true crime, right?

Brooks-Yeah, I watch all of those documentaries. I like keeping up to date on all of those (murder/mysteries) and figuring it out.

Sofia-Maybe one day you'll go into that for a career, police work.

Brooks-Either that or I'll be an entrepreneur, like my dad.

Sofia-Do you work Chelsea?

Chelsea-I'm looking for a job now actually. But I don't have a car right now. I help my dad at Union Hall helping clean up and get ready for events.

Sofia-Do you know what you'd like to do for a career? As a Junior, you probably need to have an idea what you'd like to do.

Chelsea-I'm not sure, either a photographer or an interior designer.

Sofia-Ok, now it's time for a little Christmas Quiz. Answer the question at the same time. Question number one: How many buttons does Frosty the Snowman have in the cartoon Frosty the Snowman?



Sofia-You're both wrong.

Sofia: What is the name of the kid in Home Alone?





Brooks: Michael


Sofia-Chelsea, you're right.

Sofia: In one of the pranks the little boy did in Home Alone, what cuts the robber's feet when he comes in the window?

A. Toy cars

B. Broken glass

C. Lightbulbs

D. Ornaments



Sofia-You're both right.

Sofia: In the movie, Elf, what is the song at the end of the movie that raises Christmas spirit so Santa can fly?

A. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

B. Let it Go

C. Frosty the Snowman

D. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Both answered D. They were both right.

Sofia: In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch's heart is four times too small.




Chelsea-False, wasn't it more?

Sofia: What is the name of the Grinch's dog?





Both answered Max. They were right.

Sofia: In a Christmas carol, three ghosts visit Scrooge.

A. True

B. False

Both answered True. They were both wrong. There's four ghosts who visit Scrooge.

Sofia: In a Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie puts on a play to raise his spirits during Christmas. What was the play about?

A.Scrooge in the Christmas Carol

B.Snoopy's Christmas adventures

C.The story of baby Jesus

D.He couldn't decide, he didn't have a Christmas play.

They both answered C. But Nick helped them.

Sofia: In the Polar Express, what does the boy take and put in his pocket after his adventure in the North Pole?

A. An ornament

B.A bell

C. A toy

D. A candy cane

Brooks didn't answer and Chelsea answered a bell. Chelsea was right.

Sofia: Where did Kevin end up in Home Alone 2?



C. Paris

D. New York

Chelsea answered Florida and Brooks said New York. Brooks was right.

Brooks-now I get a bonus question, because I got it right.

Sofia: In Home Alone 1, what hit one of the robbers in the face when he tried going up the stairs?

A: Paint can


Sofia-You just gave it away Brooks!

Sofia: In Home Alone 1, what did one of the robbers step on when he was going from the cellar to the house?


B.Broken glass



Both answered right.

Chelsea won the quiz.

Brooks-It's not about the price, it's about the pride.

Sofia: Chelsea, you are one of my ARC readers for my new book, Terra, an Elemental Series. You said your mom is reading it too?

Chelsea-Yes, she heard you were an author and she wanted to read it too.

Sofia: You can find my new book available for preorder on Amazon, it's called, Terra, an Elemental Series, under Sofia Simpson. (If you want to preorder an autographed copy of my book, message me on my website,, or if you want to order a copy for a friend or family, I'll give you a signed letter you can give them for Christmas saying you've preordered a book for them that will come out on Valentine's Day)

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