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Sofia Talks Episode 2 Show Notes, My Book Babies

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

We are talking books today, well my books, specifically.

One of the books is already published, called, Dream Weaver, available on Amazon as an ebook or published book. It's also in any of the Polk County Libraries.

What is Dream Weaver about? It's about a race of people who control or manage humans' dreams.

So, surprise, surprise it's all about dreams.

The Outcasts control nightmares. Then there are those who coax or manage beautiful dreams, called, Dream Weavers. They weave beautiful memories and thoughts into a dream or nightmare, thereby fighting off the Outcasts. There are also Dream Catchers who can walk in the dreams and become part of the dreamscape.

The Outcasts choose to take on the shape of the dream in the world they live in, a world called, Oneiro.

Romantic plots are my favorite to write, so as my debut novel, I jump into two love interests. One whose really good for the main character, Ari. And one whose really bad for her. But even the bad one you get a sense of who he is and you almost start rooting for him a little bit.

This was supposed to be a trilogy, but life got in the way and I was unable to finish it. But maybe one day I'll go back and finish it.

I have another book, but I'm trying to get it traditionally published, whereas Dream Weaver I self-published.

I'm waiting to hear if I can get a contract.

The name of this book, is called, Terra, An Elementals Series. It was called, Earth, An Elementals Series, but back in March I went to a literary conference and met an agent, Steve Laube, who suggested I change the name of the book to Terra, which I loved.

Here's the tagline: As one of Earth's Guardians, a girl finds herself in a bond that might be the death of her.

I'm going to tell you all about this book. Now, if you are really liking the sound of this book and want to get your hands on it right away, you can become a beta reader for me and give me your opinions on the book. What you like or don't like.

Or you can become part of my ARC team where you give a review on all the popular websites for book reviews.

Shoot me a note on my website, if you are interested in either one of these things.

This story is a story of Elementals who live secretly among the humans in our world. They are Guardians of the Earth and they control earth, water and fire.

But, long ago because of greed and struggle for power, clans have divided and constantly fight each other on their borders.

There will be a map at the beginning of the book showing the book's territories.

News of the battles are everywhere with freak storms, tornadoes and ice storms.

Vela, the star of the show, just wants to finish her last year at high school and open up her own flower shop.

As a Gyan, an Earth Elemental, that puts her gifts to good use. But, a Fire Elemental, a Festan, by the name of Linc, puts a stop to all her plans when he blows into her life.

They discover, they share an Intended bond, which is rarely found.

If you want to know why they are rarely found, you'll have to become a beta reader or ARC reader to find out more.

Vela does not want this bond. Fire Elementals are all around her clan's borders, so are her enemy and the reason for fourth degree burns on her arms.

She fights the bond and the attraction that comes it, but Linc will not let go of her easily. He gives her every reason to doubt her doubts and tries to lay claim to her heart. So, this is their story.

There's a powerful group that hunts them and any Elementals who have this bond who are different Elementals from each other. They hunt them because of a prophecy long ago predicted a child who will unite them.

Now clues from this prophecy tell them that the parents of this child will come from different elements. So, Vela and Linc have to keep their bond a secret.

This story has immediate tension from the very beginning. Vela does not want this bond, does not care that it gives her added strengths. Does not care she could be the mother of the prophesied child.

But what other way to entertain you then give you a hate versus love relationship. She doesn't hate him but definitely doesn't trust him.

Again, find me on my website or any of my social media accounts, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook: @sofiasimpsonauthor.

I've heard back from Tyndale and have heard they are not publishing this book. But, when I heard, I went and bought a cake as getting my first rejection letter. I don't care if I get a hundred rejection letters, until I get this book published, I'll keep trying.

This is book one of a four-book series. I know I didn't finish my first series, but I am a full-time writer now. I have plenty of opportunities to finish the rest of the series. I have already started book two and I'm excited to see where these books are going to go. I've written out a synopsis of all these books, so I know where the stories are going, thankfully.

I've also started writing a Magic Tree House style fantasy series. I've started David and Goliath in the Land of Giants. These are Bible stories set in fantasy.

If you would like to beta read those books, shoot me a message and I'll be happy to send you what I have on those books.

I'm super excited about all the projects I have going on right now. I have these books, and now I'm starting this podcast and keeping up with all my social media accounts. You are never idle as a writer.

You are your own one-man-show.

I do have other book ideas. One idea I have is a book about a girl who dies and goes to heaven. It's her book, called, Heaven, Interrupted. I've started this book, as well.

I won't say anything about the book, as I'm trying to keep it under wraps, but it's going to be a lot of fun to write.

It's not an angel book, more of a guardian book.

My next podcast, will be an interview with reader enthusiasts, teenagers, like you or young at heart, like you.

Links I mention:

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as: @sofiasimpsonauthor

Or, on Twitter at: @sofia_author

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