Vela, who commands nature, and Linc, who tames fire, find a love that rivals anything their clans are prepared for. Earthens and Fires don't usually mix, but Vela and Linc discover that old prejudices must die.

Amid their discoveries, they find themselves facing an ages-old prophecy that could be the catalyst that changes their world forever. But there are those who do not want their love to exist. For if it does, the prophecy may come to life and Vela and Linc find themselves in a fight with a powerful group that hungers for their death.

Will their love survive? Can Vela, her friends and her family protect her and Linc?

Read Earth, An Elemental Series, to find out!

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Dream Weaver

In a world parallel to Earth, a society's sole purpose is to teach humans to dream. Ari, a Dream Weaver, who only wants to fulfill her role in helping a young girl to dream peacefully again, finds herself locked in a power struggle against those who create nightmares, Outcasts.

With her mother who is the queen of Outcasts trying to persuade her to take her crown, she is tempted by a boy who would rule with her. Ari has a choice to make.

Her best friend has a love for her he's kept hidden for years. They share a bond she can't deny, but could she love him more than friendship can allow? Or should she accept a boy chosen for her she finds attractive? 

Join Ari and her friends as she searches for her answer and discovers there is far more to her life than managing dreams.

Book Cover Design by: Joetherasakdhi