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If you know me then you know one thing about me: I love to love books. Even better, I love to write them and I absolutely love to read them. There's nothing better than getting lost in another time and place with people I love getting to know. I feel to become a better writer you need to read and read I do! I write full time and take care of two teen boys, a husband, a Doberman and a beautiful, fat grey cat.  I get inspired by the people around me, so don't be surprised if you know me that you are a character in my book! I would love to get to know you, my readers and visitors, drop me a note, I will respond to every one! 

I fell in love with YA (Young Adult) books the year Twilight came out. I began devouring any books like it and soon wanted to write my own fantasy novels, but with a Christian Fantasy twist. I had already been reading Christian fiction and religious fiction, reading greats like Francine Rivers and Laura Frantz. The religious fantasy genre among the YA Fantasy books captivated my imagination, and I ran with it writing my first book, Dream Weaver. It is a spiritually uplifting fiction that celebrates faith in God while handling tough challenges. It is a Christian YA novel meant for every reader, but it’s especially written for the teen reader. My love will always be with YA Fantasy books and fantasy literature as they started me on a path of writing in this beautiful world.

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