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I am honestly so excited you are here!

Writing for me takes me worlds away from my reality. I hope when you read my books, you feel the same way! That it will take you away from laundry, dishes and the mundane to somewhere fantastic, exciting and heart-pumping!

Feel free to browse around here, take a peek at my books, read my shownotes for my podcast, Sofia Talks, maybe even go find it and listen to my quirky sense of humor and take on real-world events, interviews from both authors and readers... and of course, it all has some take on all things fantasy!



An Elementals Series, 

Book Two

Running away from the deadly Extremists seemed like the right thing to do.

But in Vela’s escape with Linc to a hidden, remote place in Northern Canada, she soon finds being on the run is just as dangerous. Crossing Elemental territory lines where boundaries are the most volatile, and prejudices run hot, Vela and Linc struggle to stay alive.

Limping into the uppermost reaches of Canada to their off-the-grid sanctuary, they discover a utopia. Families of intermarriages, couples with differing elements, have produced children with multiple gifts and Vela and Linc see what their world could be if their clans stopped fighting.

The answer is to unite the clans, which a long-awaited prophecy promises if the Chosen Child comes. Vela is forced to accept she might be the mother of this Child, but is she willing to be a part of the prophecy?

To complicate her life further, Rayne, a resident of the community, is determined to win Vela’s attentions. Her Intended bond with Linc doesn’t stop him from trying everything he can to entice her.

Can Linc win the fight for her heart? Will this prophecy be her undoing or the Elementals' salvation?

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I love how you incorporated Christianity into it!! I’ve always been raised to love Jesus and as I’ve grown up a Christian, your book is the type of thing I love to read!! Also, I love love loveeee Linc’s character!! ~Reese


Your character, Vela, is awesome. She wants to be anywhere but high school, and our kids are feeling apprehensive about having no fun in school this year because of all the changes. You are a very descriptive author! I swear, I could almost smell the smells of being outside when I started reading it. ~Nancy


What a sweet story!  I love it.  Great character development, interesting background stories, thoughtful symbolism, the creativity of Linc appearing with fireflies.  It is engaging and interesting and so fun!  Good job girl!  So impressed!~ Mollie

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